Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feldman Returns to Vito's 2008 Judicial Convention

Jeff Feldman seated on the end, helping to run the September 16, 2008 Brooklyn Judicial Delegate Convention.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said Judicial Conventions are bad, declaring that ...
“The Constitution Does Not Prohibit
Legislatures From Enacting Stupid Laws.”

New York Times Editorial January 17, 2008
A Defeat for Judicial Reform

By upholding New York’s machine-dominated system for selecting judges, the Supreme Court has dealt another setback to voters. The court has once again allowed political bosses to rig elections in ways that deny voters a meaningful role. New York’s political power brokers are no doubt cheering, but they should not be allowed to triumph. Even if New York’s method of selecting judges is constitutional, it remains unfair and undemocratic. It needs to be replaced.

New York State Supreme Court justices — who despite their titles are trial-level judges — are selected through a byzantine process. Primary voters select judicial delegates, who then meet in party conventions to choose their nominees. The conventions are generally controlled by political bosses, who often steer the nominations to candidates who deliver patronage back to the party machine. It’s a disgraceful way to choose judges. They are supposed to be above politics.

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ladyhawke said...

Feldman resurfacing is not surprising. The aim from the outset, (1990) was to fine a way to remove Clarence Norman, Jr disgracefully. He was not his father and that caused concerns early in the game.

The cases against him were the long awaited means, his removal was tied in with his father's retirement. As far as the role of Press, the Press and the party converts serve the same master. Norman, Jr. was the party "burnt offering" used and discraded, so naturally the ritual being a Jewish thing, since they are root and Christians are branch according to Rabbi Weisk, whatever political Christian know the root taught them, so political masquared dates back to antiquity,and its still performed in these modern masked behind politics.

Ritualistically, Feldman’s return to power, behind the scene of course, follows the script. Unfortunately, if you list the major players in Norman, Jr. downfall, the Jews appeared to have been exceptionally busy, paying off or buying witnesses from Norman's phantom staff, like his nemisis Carl Andrew, Carmen Martinez, Vernie Willmans, Jackie Ward, William Boon, lll, Fred Taylor and Charles Dyer were a pathetic group of paid slaves whose loyalities had always been with a remote masters, and not Clarence Norman, Jr. Norman Jr. was the figure head, the less he knew the better. When the magic is understood, its quiet simple and no different from a Ponzi scam, with many players and that is why Norman, Jr, was the sacrifical lamb, the scammers must have a fall man or woman and he was it--the smartest are always threats.

So who would beleive that he was not involved and didn't do the things they accused him off? Take Jackie Ward,she reported to her mother and Feldman,not her step-brother.
Take the role of the Press, the Press made certain questionable and inacurrate information was reported, hence trying the case in the press and contaminating the jury pool from 2003 to the first trial in 2005. It worked; alhtough there was lot of help from Norman. Jr's own attorney, Rappaport, who handed the first two cases over to the DA, typical, which was his intent, a legal aid attorney could done better, and lets not forget, former Judge Rappaport had his own ethical problem and a little supernational benefits was the reason he wanted the case, working against his own client, again, typical.

But,the reward is not always what is promised, Carl Andrews truly believed he would be in congress; Spitzer beleived he would still be governor, free to have as much sex as he wanted, Hevesi was certain he would remain comptroller and he still could keep his mistress, Green was silent, since Jackie Ward laundered his money, and Hillary was certain every body, mostly blacks, would be calling her name instead of Obama. Life is stranger isn't itadn sometimes real cruel.

So, Norman, Jr. didn't have a chase, the media was a necessary component in perfecting the Jewish ritual engaging in the "tongue cursing" exercise; they do it all the time, ask Madonnaadn her new fling, "Jesus."

Collectively, and surely Karma makes it rounds, there is no tricking the Law. The tribal law is another matter, making false allegations, legalizing crimes, slandering after the money is laundered, giving perjured testimony, baddling in a wee bit of hynotic suggestion on a trigger, make for good reading when the time is right.

When the time is right,the law of Cause and Effect bring about some amazing revelations, although it is not finished. Considering Norman, Jr.'s ordeal was a grand pseudo Judeo-Christian political criminal conspiracy, it aint over until teh skinny lady laugh.

The sacrificial lambs’ are usually the lucky ones in the end. In the case of Norman, Jr. well he graduated unbeknown to the tribal gods who framed him, charged him, convicted him and kicked him out of their systemk, a system born of corruption,favortism, sameness, and dishonor. Naturally, Feldman is doing what he always did, he was the one that put corrupt judges on the bench including his wife.

This is how that system work, Jews work their magic behind a black figure head, pay off the black betrayers and blame the figure head for their crimes or make teh victim think he is Jesusadn suppose to be cruxcified.

There are times, when it good to convicted because if he was like them, he never would have done a day of time.

There are many ways to win a game, that is, let go of the corrupt and inferior, by permitting them to do what they have always done and got away with it. Sometimes growth a feared natural process, might require jail time depending on how ruthless, greedy, power hunger and immoral one's imitate enemies are? And, sometime the gods use one of their own to punish the tribe, Spitzer, Madoff, or Diane Gordon, for example—one is all, all is on