Sunday, December 2, 2001

Not, We the People, WE THE MACHINE

"While not 100% accurate - the party machine occasionally does lose - Feldman reveals the contempt in which pols hold the principle of an independent judiciary. Not surprisingly, ex-politicians, county bosses and district leaders clutter the bench. The old saw that there are only three ways to leave elective office - indictment, death or a judgeship - isn't far off the mark.

After a comprehensive review, the Daily News has concluded that of the city's roughly 180 elected Supreme Court justices and surrogates, at least 89, virtually half, are ill-chosen or unfit. The judiciary may disagree, but this finding is based on a large body of fact.

Who are the judge makers? They're people like Jeffrey Feldman, executive director of the Brooklyn Democratic organization and husband of an elected judge. Feldman once boasted, "We haven't lost a judicial seat in over 100 years." He didn't mean "we, the people." He meant "we, the clubhouse." That says it all." - Daily News, Editorial, December 2, 2001