Tuesday, November 12, 1996

Sabotage your opponents Campaign with doublespeak

"Jeff Feldman, the executive director of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, which backed the winner, said Gold's campaign precipitated the chaos by filing the suit that led to the 11th-hour disqualification of Ferne Goldstein.

Charging they were robbed by a mammoth Primary Daysnafu in Brooklyn, two defeated candidates said yesterday they will go to court to force a new election. . .

Hundreds of voting machines weren't delivered to Brooklyn sites for up to eight hours after the polls opened at 6 a.m. Tuesday. Many voters were turned away. . .

She and citizens of Kings County were deprived of their First Amendment right to vote in an election," he said. Mandelker argued that Gold's large losing margin is irrelevant. "We're saying we're entitled to a proper election," he said. The winners contended the voting-machine snafu affected all candidates equally."
Daily News, Novermber 12, 1996

Thursday, July 25, 1996

Gold vs. Goldstein: Absolutely Ridiculous

"The Democratic primary for Brooklyn surrogate heated up Monday when Civil Court Judge Lila Gold sued to oust two of her opponents, claiming they had collusive campaigns. Judge Gold, backed by Assemblyman Anthony J. Genovesi, charged Supreme Court Justice Michael H. Feinberg sponsored Civil Court Judge Fern J. Goldstein's candidacy to create voter confusion by having two female Jewish candidates in the race, both with the word "Gold" in their names.
Jeffrey Feldman, the executive director of the Kings County Democratic Party, which is backing Justice Feinberg, called the charge "absolutely ridiculous." >- New York Law Journal, July 25, 1996