Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Feldman: The Enforcer-in-Chief

"Petitions with too many stray markings or cross-outs can result in summary removal from the ballot. Candidates that changed political parties less than one general election ago may not witness petitions as members of a different party. And so on. Seven candidates for district leader in Central Brooklyn were bounced because their petitions indicated they were running for the office universally called "district leader." That would have been fine in most boroughs, but in Brooklyn the office goes by a different name: State Committee.

Insiders are unforgiving about such errors. Referring to the seven victims of the "district leader" goof, Jeff Feldman, the enforcer-in-chief of the Brooklyn Democratic organization, told me, "I'm not accusing these people of fraud, I'm accusing these people of utter stupidity."Daily News, August 21, 2002

Thursday, August 1, 2002

Feldman: Ballot Access Dead on Arrival

"But that may not be enough to get the insurgents on the ballot. 'Most of these insurgents are already toast,' the executive director of the Brooklyn Democratic organization, Jeffrey Feldman, said. "County's not even going to knock them off the ballot - they're dead on arrival."
New York Sun, August 1, 2002