Sunday, November 17, 2002

Federal Judge: Voting Wrongs, State Voting Rights

"Jeffrey Feldman, the Brooklyn Democratic Party's executive director, collects $64,000 a year as his special staff assistant for voting rights on the payroll of a state senator." - Daily News Editorial, November 25, 2002

Federal Judge on Feldman
"Feldman’s response is difficult to reconcile with the defendants’ gauzy characterizations of a democratic process open to all party members who seek the office of Supreme Court Justice. He began by mocking the request for a list of delegates to lobby: “I erroneously believed that a learned jurist, such as yourself (Margarita Lopez Torres), would be well aware that Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the Democratic Judicial Convention stand for independent election in the Primary Election, yet to be held.”
Decision by Eastern District Judge John Gleeson