Friday, February 2, 2007

Feldman Says Party Boss Pressured Judge to Hire Vendor

Clarence Norman Jr.’s former second-in-command in the Brooklyn Democratic Party testified yesterday that he saw his boss angrily threaten to withhold support for a judge on his ticket in 2002 if she refused to pay for fliers designed by the party’s favored vendor.

Jeffrey Feldman, a former official in the Brooklyn Democratic Party, testified Thursday against his former boss, Clarence Norman Jr.
Mr. Norman, in the fourth corruption trial against him in two years, is accused of strong-arming two judicial candidates into paying his cronies thousands of dollars. His former lieutenant, Jeffrey Feldman, the party’s longtime executive director, was originally charged along with Mr. Norman, but charges against him were dropped when he agreed to testify for prosecutors.
-NY Times, Feb., 2. 2007

"A judge yesterday sentenced disgraced Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Clarence Norman to one to three years behind bars for shaking down a judicial candidate.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Martin Marcus also ordered "King of Brooklyn" Norman to pay back $10,000 he coerced from former civil-court judge Karen Yellen, $1,000 of which went to a fellow politician and $9,000 to pay a favored get-out-the-vote operative." New York Post, April 17, 2007